Buchanan Critical
Care Wing

Rehabilitating birds can build strength, muscle and stamina after spending time recovering from injuries. The 4,000 square foot structure has two 100 foot long flights, 20 feet high and 20 feet wide. Large sliding panel doors can be opened if we need to give birds a circular endless flight path.

Fawn Habitat

The fences are 10 feet high and are surrounded by a stockade fence which covers the lower 6 feet, providing privacy and screening the fawns from human activity.

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If you need help between 6 pm and 10 am —

Call (262) 248-5055 and leave a message (see below).  We will return your call in the morning.

In the meantime, this is what you can do:

Fellow Mortals works with all birds and most mammals.  We cannot help with raccoon, fox, coyote, bat, skunk or turtle.
Wisconsin DNR Phone No: 1-888-936-7463

Baby birds are not fed overnight.  Baby mammals can go without feeding overnight.

What babies need is warmth and quiet until you get them to a rehabilitator.

For tonight —

Contain the baby.  Provide warmth using a hot water bottle or heating pad set on low.  Do not use a heat lamp—it can burn the baby.

Do not attempt to feed the baby.  If it is too cold, too dehydrated, or too injured, you will cause further harm.  If the baby dies overnight, it will not be because it wasn’t fed.

Please have your phone with you in the morning so that you don’t miss our call.

Fellow Mortals is not funded by your tax dollars, which is why we don’t have 24-hour staff.  If you keep the animal contained, warm, and quiet overnight, we will be able to help tomorrow.  If the animal passes overnight, you will still have made a difference by providing a safe and peaceful place.

Please leave all of the following information in your message —

      • Your full name

      • Your phone number

      • Your complete mailing address

      • The city and state you’re calling from

      • The type of animal and the reason you rescued it

Thank you for caring.

Between 6 pm
and 10 am

Fellow Mortals is a living philosophy based on the belief that encouraging compassion in humans toward all life brings out the finest aspects of our humanity.

Injured & Orphaned Wildlife deserve professional care from experienced, licensed Wildlife Rehabilitators. General Guidelines: Observe First, Act Second

Fellow Mortals provides excellent medical care to injured and orphaned wild animals entrusted to the hospital by the public.

Fellow Mortals is entirely funded by private gifts—your financial contributions are the lifeblood of our Wildlife Hospital.

Encouraging compassion in humans toward all life brings out the finest aspects of our humanity.

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The First Priority


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Wildlife Internship

Since 1992, interns from all over the world have participated in Fellow Mortals’ internship program. Some have gone on to careers in wildlife rehabilitation, domestic animal care, veterinary medicine, zoo keeping, field biology, exotic animal care, environmental education and advocacy.

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