Our peers and fellow professionals —

“THANK YOU for taking the time (which you didn’t have!) to take me behind the scenes at your facility. IT WAS AWESOME! ….Your place was amazing! I came home with so many ideas! I’m very impressed with all that you guys do—and do it so well. [It] shows the kind of love, determination, hard work, and effort you and your staff put in to all the animals (and each other!) I so wish I lived a bit closer to come out and work with you—teach me your ways—I’m always wanting to learn new and better ways to do things. Thank you again.”

Sandy Heyn Woltman is past president of the National Wildlife Rehabilitators Association and has decades of experience as a wildlife rehabilitator and animal care director.

“They have the best practices in mind all the time … Yvonne and Steve working together to design buildings, caging, or whatever it is, is magic to watch.  And that partnership is what really built Fellow Mortals.”

Gail Buhl is program coordinator for Partners for Wildlife (P4W) at The Raptor Center, University of Minnesota.

The people who bring animals to us for care —

“Today we brought in a field mouse that I found shivering and acting strangely…..Poor little sweetheart. I was so thrilled to have found a place that would care for him! We were greeted warmly and with a smile by one of the kindest people I’ve ever met. When my fiancé and I thanked her for their willingness to take him in, she responded with, “no life is too small here.” The compassion that these people show for wildlife is a thing of absolute beauty and I will be recommending them to others and bringing anybody else that I may stumble upon in a bad situation to Fellow Mortals’ hospital….”

Kayla Gunderson reviewed Fellow Mortals Wildlife Hospital on Facebook—5 star

Our volunteers —

The staff at Fellow Mortals are the most dedicated, hard-working, and compassionate people I know. With them, the animals always come first. All patients are given the attention and respect they deserve, whether big or small, furred or feathered. I first went to Fellow Mortals when I found a dead opossum mother with what I thought were two surviving babies. (There were actually seven more babies still tucked in the mother’s pouch.) Now I am a volunteer, and I can’t imagine a better use of my time. My life is richer in so many ways because of my association with Fellow Mortals. This organization deserves everyone’s support, whether it be gifts of time, talent, money, or all three.

Mary Ellen Close, Volunteer

Our former interns —

“As a former wildlife intern at this hospital, I can honestly say Fellow Mortals is the most professional and compassionate wildlife rehabilitation center in not only Wisconsin, but likely the entire country. The care that all of the staff display for every patient is truly remarkable. Whenever they return phone calls regarding wildlife questions they are always so helpful, knowledgeable, and kind. I’m proud to recommend such a wonderful hospital, and would encourage anyone in Wisconsin who thinks an animal is injured or orphan to call Fellow Mortals to see what should be done.”

Alex Ford, currently studying veterinary medicine-Louisiana School of Veterinary Medicine

Our community —

In an editorial after we lost our fight to save trees on the property—

“In the cover of the sawdust, it would be easy for [Fellow Mortals] to act defeated and negative, but they are choosing to take the high road. The positive of this event is that the good work Fellow Mortals accomplishes was pushed into the spotlight. Saving birds, deer and owls is certainly not glamorous work, but, like many people in this area, we are grateful they do it.”

Regional News editorial board, Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

Our donors —

“It is with the deepest humility and gratitude to Fellow Mortals Wildlife Hospital that our donations over the years have been able to help them provide the critical space and support for so many creatures that would have died in agony, or without the dignity of knowing that their lives were precious. The number of species and the types of injuries that Fellow Mortals treats are innumerable and include fractures, internal injuries, head trauma, poisonings, disease, starvation and frostbite. The list is endless and the need ongoing. Fellow Mortals relies solely on donations for both its operating expenses, as well as its capital expenditure projects, like the new Critical Care Wing. I hope you will join me in supporting the completion of this dream on behalf of our fellow mortals who have no voice but our own to advocate on their behalf.”

Marisa (& Daniel) Timm, Wildlife Hospital Patron since 1997

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