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Fellow Mortals is incredibly blessed to have supporters like you. It is the reason we are able to continue to expand and improve facilities for our patients and permanent residents. We are very excited to share an opportunity for you to be part of Fellow Mortals in a lasting and tangible way.

The idea of a critical care wing first came about in 2013, after Dr. Pat Hourigan lost his battle with cancer after having been a part of our lives and work for 25 years. We wanted to never forget his influence.

Mary Ellen Close

The dream lay dormant until 2015, when Hunt Eldridge and Ken Buchanan surprised us by inviting us to put together a proposal to the Buchanan Family Foundation for something really special, really important.

We needed a critical care area more than ever now that we were licensed for endangered and threatened species, more bald eagles were coming into care, even sea ducks filled our rooms one winter, and because we were allowed to once again provide care for orphaned fawns, so we expanded the idea of a raptor critical care area to an entire Critical Care Wing.

Huntington Eldridge

We created a proposal for remodeling 2,000 square feet in the building that houses the Merganser Fund Clinic and the Buchanan Family generously agreed to give us the funds estimated to be enough to move the existing workshop and garage into new construction and remodel the vacated space. Delay after delay followed as we addressed each new “bump” in the road relating to zoning, permits, contractors and other issues.

Tragically, Hunt Eldridge died after losing his battle with cancer—never to see the project come to pass.

Another donor introduced Hunzinger Construction to us and they agreed to guide the project. Since 2017, we have been orking with Tim Van Dyn Hoven, Anton Rice, and others at Hunzinger.  Architect Ken Etten and associate Jeff Uhen created plans and, with the help of many project “angels” who have donated services or time, we have completed construction of Phase I, and are currently seeking sponsors for the final phase of the project.

We are going ahead on faith—faith that when others see the result of the Buchanan Family’s gift that changes the structure, builds the walls, provides the infrastructure that will make the finished Wing possible—others will want to be part of a unique opportunity to make a difference that will give back to thousands of wild creatures and compassionate people in a way rarely possible in a person’s lifetime.

There are still exciting opportunities for you to be part of making a lasting difference for wildlife in the decades to come.  


Please page through our brochure (below) for more information on this project. 

Room sponsorships for the Buchanan Family Critical Care Wing range from $5,000 to outfit the Flight Assessment Corridor to $40,000 for the Admissions & Education area. Room sponsorship does not cover the full cost of the room, but represents the built-ins that are specific for a room’s purpose, which may include supplemental heat to instantly warm an area for a hypothermic animal; heated countertops; thermostatically controlled fixtures to keep water at a constant temperature; sinks, appliances, counters, cabinets, shelves, specialized flooring, wall matting and other equipment.

To speak to someone about this opportunity, Call (262) 248-5055
Or use our Contact Form and select the subject “Donation/Sponsorship.”

We are excited to have you become a part of Fellow Mortals’ future in a lasting and tangible way.

  • 101 – $40,000 – Admissions & Wildlife Education –  Sponsored by Mary Ellen Close
  • 102 – $10,000 – Hospital Administration (Sponsorship Available)
  • 104 – $5,000 – Flight Assessment Corridor – Sponsored by Grace & Arthur Burns, in memory their beloved son Jack
  • 105 – $30,000 – Raptor Unit – Sponsored in memory of Dr. Patrick M. Hourigan
  • 106 – $20,000 – Raptor Pre-Flight – Sponsored in memory of Dr. Patrick M. Hourigan
  • 107 – $20,000 – Raptor Nursery Sponsored by Robert & Pamela Thomas
  • 108 – $20,000 – Neonatal Fawn Unit – Sponsored by Marisa & Daniel Timm, in honor of their daughter, Gabrielle
  • 109 – $20,000 – Triage – Matching Sponsorship by Lake Geneva Animal Hospital
  • 110 – $10,000 – Isolation – Sponsored by Nan Wilson
  • 111 – $30,000 – Sensitive Species Unit – Sponsored in Memory of Norman Schreiner
  • 113 – $30,000 – Wildlife Nutrition – Sponsored by Scott, Karen, Greg & Steve Edwards
  • 114 – $15,000 – Research & Library (Sponsorship Available)
  • 117 – $20,000 – Waterfowl & Shorebird Unit (Sponsorship Available)
  • 118 – $30,000 – Aquatic Unit (Sponsorship Available)
  • 119 – $10,000 – Deer ICU – Sponsored by “A” in memory of Mary  K. Fitzgerald
  • 120 – $10,000 – Eagle ICU – Sponsored by Lanny & Judy Neider in tribute to Cody & Chad Neider
  • 121 – $10,000 – Beaver ICU – Sponsored by Anonymous in honor of  Kesha, Penn & Ken
  • Legacy Gift – $10,000 – Recognition on a Plaque in the Admissions & Education Area
  • Appliances & Equipment – $10,000 – Specialized Equipment for Wildlife Nutrition (recognized)
  • General Critical Care Sponsorship – $1,000 – Recognized in the new Admissions area
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