Thanks to a pledge from Lake Geneva Animal Hospital, the Triage Room is Fully Funded!

We received a tremendous response to the Matching Grant Opportunity made possible by the veterinarians from Lake Geneva Animal Hospital!  

LGAH, which already donates their skills and services, including necessary surgeries for our most critical patients, pledged $10,000 in Matching Funds to raise $20,000 as sponsorship of the Triage room in the new Buchanan Family Critical Care Wing.

Your gifts were matched and doubled!  All gifts will be listed on a permanent plaque in the Triage room and all gifts of $1,000 or more will also be listed on a permanent plaque in the Admissions & Education area.

Thanks to LGAH’s gift, even if you can’t sponsor a room entirely, you can be part of sponsoring a room that is very important to Fellow Mortals’ patients.

Every one of the 2,000 injured or orphaned animals brought to Fellow Mortals each year is first examined and “triaged” in this room.  For our purposes, “triage” refers to the patient assessment that occurs when an animal arrives at the hospital, which helps us evaluate an animal’s condition and determine proper treatment and care.

We want to say a Big THANK YOU to the following people for participating in this opportunity:

  • Alyce Frederick
  • Amber Doleshal
  • Angela Levine-Matthews
  • Bonnie & Eric Erickson
  • Bryan & Denise Olson
  • Char Sabac
  • Chris & Amanda Falch
  • Christine Leto
  • Christopher  & Heather Edwards
  • Claudette Collier
  • Dan & Cheryl Frazier
  • Dan Sepke  & Angela Podesta
  • Danielle Hageli
  • David Hourigan
  • Dawn Smallish
  • Debbie & Tom Owens
  • Emily & Pierre Kornak
  • Gregory & Judith Staponkus
  • James & Kathleen Bilskey
  • Jan & Michael Marchuk
  • Jean and Barry Mano
  • Jenny Knavel
  • Jo Sedar
  • Joseph & Lois Haas
  • Julie Milligan-Barr
  • Kathryn Rodgers
  • Kelly & John Greb
  • Kelly Nefstead
  • Laura & Andrew Johnson
  • Leslie & Ann Hedrington
  • Linda & Michael Turkovich
  • Lynn Galligan
  • Maureen Kauffmann
  • Melita Frankfurth Grunow
  • Michael Flanagan
  • Michael Major
  • Nancy Cody
  • Pam Gagnon
  • Paul & Rhonda Kositzky
  • Paula & Ron Harris
  • Rick & Terry Cochran
  • Robert & Gail Helfferich
  • Robert Van Zant
  • Sharon Parker
  • Station 1 LLC
  • Susan Schooley
  • Theresa & Kevin Watts
  • Travis & Krystal Hilscher
  • Walter Kosierowski
        & Gloria Lindner-Kosierowski
  • Wanda Thompson & Robert Kileen
  • Zachary Simons
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