Red-tailed hawk in Flight © 2015 Terry Mayer/CSI Publications

This structure is as useful as it is truly beautiful.  Inside the spacious flight, rehabilitating birds can build strength, muscle and stamina after spending time recovering from injuries.  The 4,000 square foot structure has two 100’ foot long flights, 20 foot high and 20 foot wide.   Large sliding panel doors can be opened if we need to give birds a circular endless flight path.

Red-tailed hawk in Flight © 2015 Terry Mayer/CSI Publications

Red-tailed Hawk in the Mews

One end of the structure has mews which double as small flights, measuring 20’ long, 8’ wide and 8’ high.  Above the mews are landing platforms and at the very peak of the loft area is the birds’ favorite place.  The loft has a clear roof and open sides and the birds have shelter from the rain while still enjoying the sounds of the outdoors.

The Mews


The Mews during construction

The Uihlein Raptor Flight is a dream come true, and we are still overwhelmed by the generosity of Richard Uihlein and his family who have so enhanced Fellow Mortals’ ability to help our magnificent birds of prey.

Jessica, Karen, Aimee and Yvonne introduce three Red-tailed hawks to the Flight

The flight design is by Steve Blane, with architectural drawings done by Jeff Uhen and blueprints by John Monefeldt.  Brad Folkert, Director of Construction for U-line, acted as advisor.  Our contractor was Bob Riggs Construction, Burlington, with additional work done by Dan Hurzeler and Ehlen Masonry, and material donations from RKW and Earthworks.

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