While we always try to keep fawns with their mothers, injured and truly orphaned fawns must come into care.  We are grateful to a change in policy by the Wisconsin DNR that made it possible for us to help white-tailed deer fawns again starting in 2014.

Although we had experience, we no longer had facilities, so in the spring of 2015 we contracted with Pete Roth and his company to construct two half-acre habitats. The fences are 10 feet high and are surrounded by a stockade fence which covers the lower 6 feet, providing privacy and screening the fawns from human activity.


We want to offer our thanks to Dr. Tracy Busalacchi and Dr. Phil Burns for all their help, as well as to Dr. Candace Mathiason, University of Colorado, for diagnostics. Thanks also to Arthur Carlson, who built the fawn enclosure for their initial care.

We are grateful to those of you who donated to this project through
“Jilly’s Legacy,” including: Melita Frankfurth Grunow,
the Buchanan Family Foundation, Marisa & Dan Timm, Pete Roth Fence,
Lowes–Delavan, and the following:

Arthur Carlson
Holly Dempster
Darcy Minkler
Gerald Yager
Wren Ide
Kevin Watts
Tressa Goulding
Angela Farruggia
Lynn Draeger-Ivan

John Crombie
Tammy Alongi
Kelly Greb
Amy Frank
Linda Farmer
Zach Kastern
Roberta Bagni
Carol Sosenko
Lorrie A. Krodel

Toni Roucka
Laura Altmann
Karen Romanyk
Dorothy Bunch
Bryan Olson
Lisa Carlson
Megan Nass
Pamela Densch
Jennifer Wenberg

Liz Bauer
Angie Massaro
Elizabeth Kemper
Becky Redell
Joanne Gasperik
Cara Miller
Paula Harris
Dana Pederson
Kelley Van Egeren

Emma Jinyang Yu
Joseph Webster
Tedford Rose
Bob Helferrich
Beth Shodeen
…as well as several anonymous donors.

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