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Uihlein Flight

Rehabilitating birds can build strength, muscle and stamina after spending time recovering from injuries. The 4,000 square foot structure has two 100 foot long flights, 20 feet high and 20 feet wide. Large sliding panel doors can be opened if we need to give birds a circular endless flight path.

Fawn Habitat
Fawn Habitat

The fences are 10 feet high and are surrounded by a stockade fence which covers the lower 6 feet, providing privacy and screening the fawns from human activity.

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Coronavirus Update

Keeping everyone safe while continuing to accept new patients

Fellow Mortals continues to be available by appointment 7 days a week by appointment only.  We are working hard to keep staff and the caring public safe while continuing to provide services for injured and orphaned wildlife.

Fellow Mortals’ current admit procedure is routing everyone into a negative pressure isolation room before the animal is brought into triage.  There is another such area in our examination rooms.

Negative pressure rooms are used for quarantine.  Ours were designed by cofounder Steve Blane — but were not needed until the pandemic.


There is no face to face between the public and staff when an animal is brought to the hospital.

Animals are only admitted if a wildlife rehabilitator has spoken to you in advance.

The isolation room is disinfected between admits for your protection, through a combination of surface spray and ozone.


We are so grateful to the donors who made these rooms a reality — Buchanan Family Foundation, Lake Geneva Animal Hospital and matching gifts, and Nan Smith.

Call 262-248-5055 and leave a message

We are working without interns or volunteers, so we cannot pick up or rescue animals at this time.

Thank you!
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