When they return to the wild, where will they live?

After an animal has been prepared for release to the wild – either raised from an infant or restored to good health after injury or illness – one critical question remains:  Where will it live?

Fellow Mortals is always in need of safe, secure release sites that will provide the right habitat for those who have been in our care.  If you believe that you can help provide this vital resource, please download an application form here, then fill it out completely and mail it to us.

You may also call us at (262) 248-5055 and leave a message.  We really value your support!

Species for which Release Sites are Needed:

Primarily Squirrel, Cottontail rabbit and Opossum.  We are also seeking sites for Waterfowl (ducks/geese), Songbirds, and some Raptors (hawks/owls).

Suitable:  Properties located in rural areas, away from busy roads, no feral cats on the property, domestic cats not allowed outside, no hunting or trapping allowed.  Access to water (pond/creek) is desirable.  Ability to drive a van on the property to transport animals to release location, and ½ acre minimum.

Not Suitable:  Properties in cities or towns, adjacent to busy roads, where feral cats are present or domestic cats are allowed outside, or which allow hunting or trapping, or are located next to public hunting grounds or private property where hunting is allowed.

Squirrel species require good tree cover, including nut-producing trees (hickory, walnut, oak), with similar habitat located adjacent to the property to allow room for dispersal, where there are some but not an overabundance of squirrels, and where there are no resident raptors (hawks/owls).  Squirrels are released in nest boxes which must be attached to a tree.  We need driving access to the release spot.

Cottontail rabbit & Opossum require good tree cover, as well as ground cover, including dead tree snags and brush piles – no dogs running on the property.

Waterfowl require ponds a minimum ½ acre in size, with natural vegetation in and around the pond, including trees.  We need to be able to drive up near the pond for release.

Raptors require an area that is not already occupied by that species.

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