Over its half century of operation, thousands of people came to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors at Meadowlark Acres Family Campground, and we know that many of you have happy memories of your experiences here.

In 2013, we determined that it would no longer be possible to operate a campground open to the public, and there are no plans at this time to reopen the location for that purpose.

Since then, we have held several special events at Meadowlark Acres for friends and supporters of Fellow Mortals, and plan many more for the years to come.  We’ll keep you posted!

For fifty eventful years, from 1963 to 2013, the family campground at Meadowlark Acres welcomed guests from across the country and around the world.  That  chapter has come to a close, and the next chapter is just beginning.  Today, the family home provides housing for our interns.  The campground store and registration building have been given new life as places for learning about our native wildlife, and the Decagon (now “Mary Elizabeth’s Learning Lodge”) continues to provide a venue for our special events.

Plans are underway to restore the back fields to native vegetation, and on the former mini-golf course, rescued deer now have a place to grow strong before their return to the wild.

In 1957, Tom and Elizabeth Wallace moved their family to rural Burlington, Wisconsin, and a property of mixed hardwood, pasture and fertile farm fields. Six short years later, they welcomed the first guests to their new campground at “Meadowlark Acres” in a desire to share the beauty and serenity of the land they felt privileged to occupy as God’s stewards.

Both teachers, Tom and Elizabeth educated in the school room and one-on-one at the campground throughout their lifetimes, sharing selflessly of their time, knowledge and kindness. Tom passed away in 2003, but Elizabeth continued to entertain friends and family who came to visit her and “Brava,” her beautiful little border collie.  On January 22, 2013, at the age of 100, Elizabeth passed away peacefully at her home of over 55 years.

In 2011, Meadowlark Acres began a new chapter as part of Fellow Mortals, when Elizabeth donated the property. Fellow Mortals’ Nature & Education Center at Meadowlark Acres will continue Tom and Elizabeth’s mission of sharing and teaching.

Plans for the near future include nature trails, outdoor events and education programs. In the days and years to come, our plans include permanent wildlife exhibits and more fun and educational activities year-round on the property.

Meadowlark Acres is the legacy of two people who wanted nothing more than to share the message of God’s love through opening others’ eyes to the wonder of His work and the sharing of their land. Fellow Mortals will continue that legacy in their stead.

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