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Christmas morning is an event at the hospital —

Our permanent animals get special treats or toys and all of the patients will get some kind of surprise — like stuffed animals or boxes and bags to open and find precious nuts or fruit — like stockings!

For those who are planning to deliver their gifts in person, we are excited to welcome you to visit our gift shop, where we have chosen some items to bring the joy of Christmas or Hanukkah or Kwanza into your home. All purchases benefit the wild ones in care.
Along with festive decorations and games, we have special books —
Dr. Scot Hodkiewicz, Author and orthopedic surgeon’s bestselling true story of how he and his family survived a horrific accident and emerged with an even stronger sense of purpose and will to help others.
@gretchen newberry’s nonfiction account of her doctoral work studying the common nighthawk in the field, with a chapter on Fellow Mortals’ work with the species.
The Pearl Collection, a compilation of essays, stories, and poems from Fellow Mortals.
And two Children’s books written and donated by Tracie L. Rodgers (Kapow!)

“Oh Hoppy Day” and “Sadie’s Purpose”

Give a Gift of Life

Saturday and Sunday — December 18 & 19
10-5 pm both days
Call 262-248-5055 with any questions
Our lists here again in case you missed them!
Maybe you can’t afford to purchase something — you can still help!!
We also can use:
  1. Gently used clean large stuffed animals with fluff filling—no foam, plastic beans, or squeakers
    (Must not have been used by other animals)
  2. Fresh willow or poplar logs and branches — these must still be green
  3. Clean pillowcases

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