Dr. Chris HartwigOn July 25, 2001, I was honored to witness and play a part in an emotional and spiritual event.  It all began six weeks earlier when a Red-tail Hawk was brought to our clinic with a broken wing.  He had been found by Greg and Anne Prince and brought to Fellow Mortals after he was found unable to fly.  The Princes had been observing this hawk and his mate near their home north of Elkhorn, Wisconsin.  At the time the male was found, the pair had nested and the female was sitting on eggs.

Surgery was performed to place a pin in “Prince’s” wing to allow the bone to heal and he returned to Fellow Mortals.  His recovery couldn’t have gone any better with the wonderful care and love from every one at Fellow Mortals.

When “Prince” was ready, we drove to the release site on July 25 and we were all hoping to witness the reunion of this family.

As I held this magnificent bird, I couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed by the gift of healing that God had given to me.  For a brief moment I didn’t want to let him go, but when I did, I felt a part of myself fly away with him.  In the moments following his release we all enjoyed the reunion that we had hoped for.  This short moment in time is the reason why we (the supporters of Fellow Mortals) all continue to give our time and resources to further the existence of all God’s creatures.

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