Less than five percent of the wildlife brought to Fellow Mortals requires surgery or a veterinary consult, but that five percent—those 100 animals—represents some of the most challenging cases our associated veterinarians will ever see.  Not only do these critically ill or injured animals often present with open and contaminated fractures, widespread infection and severe soft tissue damage—but they aren’t pets—they don’t understand a kind word, a pat on the head or a comforting touch.  Our veterinarians treat the most serious conditions and injuries imaginable—while coping with the most advanced organic weaponry known in the form of up to 50 razor-sharp teeth and talons measuring inches long.

Wildlife medicine is a specialty and requires skill sets that aren’t needed for the pet bird or domestic cat or dog.

Dr. Tracy Busalacchi — Elkhorn Veterinary Clinic
Elkhorn, Wisconsin  262-723-2644

Dr. Keith Collins — Eyecare for Animals
Pewaukee, Wisconsin  262-754-3550

Dr. Chris Hartwig — Delavan Lakes Veterinary Clinic
Delavan, Wisconsin  262-728-8622

Dr. Scot Hodkiewicz — Lake Geneva Animal Hospital
Lake Geneva, Wisconsin  262-248-4790

Dr. Pat Hourigan — Richmond Veterinary Clinic
Richmond, Illinois  815-678-4700

Dr. Chris WelchLake Geneva Animal Hospital
Lake Geneva, Wisconsin  262-248-4790