Yvonne Wallace BlaneYvonne has been a wildlife rehabilitator and educator for over 30 years, co-founding Fellow Mortals with Steve Blane in 1985.  Yvonne graduated magna cum laude from University of Wisconsin with a B.A. in English and Earth Sciences. Other areas of interest and education include paralegal work, accounting and organization development. Yvonne has been licensed by Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service since 1988.

Yvonne has written and presented papers for both the national and international wildlife rehabilitation association and published in their journals.  Past president of the Wisconsin Wildlife Rehabilitators’ Association, former board member of the Illinois Wildlife Rehabilitators’ Association, member of the Ethics Committee of the National Wildlife Rehabilitators’ Association, she has served as Chair of the Wildlife Rehabilitation Advisory Council to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources since 2013, as well as currently serving on user advisory councils for Guidestar and Global Giving, organizations dedicated to increasing and encouraging transparency in the international non-profit arena.

Yvonne has handled over 40,000 wild birds and mammals to date, with specialities in captive care of Common Nighthawk and the use of wild unreleaseable birds for conspecific fostering of wild orphans, a field which Yvonne helped to pioneer with the late Marlys Bulander, of U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, with her first wild foster in 1989. Yvonne currently acts as Executive Director, Director of Rehabilitation, Grantwriter, Social Media and Online Fundraising Professional and Advanced Wildlife Rehabilitator. Utilizing her training, education and legal and administrative background, she also writes and edits the organization’s newsletter, promotional, fundraising and educational materials.


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