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Important Notice!

Our request is simple—“Please, don’t clear cut the tree if you can trim the branch.”

If you care about wildlife and the environment, if you care about rural communities and small nonprofits that help without charging a fee—if it makes you angry when big business exploits their privileges without any regard for people whose property and privacy are ruined—please speak out for Fellow Mortals and for everyone else who is seemingly at the mercy of this corporation.

We ask you to please take a moment to view the following video: “Sanctuary from a Cruel World,” and then Sign Our Petition.

If you find an injured or orphaned animal,

it is absolutely necessary that you get help from a licensed rehabilitator as soon as possible. Not only is it illegal to keep and raise any wild bird or mammal without first obtaining authorization, but only a trained rehabilitator can provide the care that will enable the animal to survive and return to the wild.

Websites that provide information on “do-it-yourself” rehabilitation are actually encouraging you to break the law, and are doing real harm to the wild creatures that so desperately need our help.

The most important help you can give the animal is to keep it

  • Warm,
  • Quiet,
  • and Contained

Do not attempt to give it any food or water.

For more information, please see our Wildlife Insights.

If you are in southeastern Wisconsin or northern Illinois, and need immediate help, call us at (262) 248-5055.  You will always get our answering machine.  Don’t worry—we check our messages regularly, and will call you right back.