Fellow Mortals is a busy wildlife hospital which admits 2,000 animals into care annually. Up to 500 animals are in care at one time during the peak season. All care is provided at the hospital or on-site from admit to release by licensed wildlife rehabilitators and seasonal interns working under their direct supervision. You can view the hospital at: http://fellowmortals.org/flagallery/facility-tour/

Terria Clay, with foster goose “Hannah”

Terria Clay, with foster goose “Hannah”

Spring/Summer Wildlife Care Internship

The position: This position involves hand-feeding orphaned songbirds and mammals and caring for waterfowl, cleaning their incubators and other enclosures, cleaning relating to general hospital care and upkeep, record-keeping relating to medications and special care and development, special projects, and other related activities which may not be listed above.

Requirements: This is an entry-level position which does not require previous wildlife experience, but is intended to provide interns with an introduction to the wildlife rehabilitation field, including familiarization with natural history, behavior and husbandry of the species in care and training in specific techniques and principles, while providing a minimum of 750 hours of hands-on experience (3 months).

Applicants for the 3-month minimum internship must have completed a minimum of three years of college and have some work experience. Recent graduates with a specific interest in a wildlife-related career can apply for a 6-month internship.

Qualified applicants will have an exceptional work ethic and be capable of receiving instruction and training in an open and professional manner, and retaining detailed information on individual patients, hospital protocols, specialized instructions and other communications. A high level of maturity and interpersonal skills, including the ability to follow specific direction and protocol, and to communicate professionally with colleagues and the public, is required.

Qualified applicants will be capable of working a demanding and ever-changing schedule, while performing at a high level during the long hours associated with wildlife care.

Applicants must have their own transportation and a valid driver’s license, must have their own health insurance and a current tetanus vaccination. Proof of all of these items will be required before the position is offered.

An in-person interview requiring travel to Fellow Mortals Wildlife Hospital in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin is welcomed, but not required, to apply for this position.

Length of Internship: Undergraduates may apply for a three-month minimum internship beginning in May through to August.

Graduate students are encouraged to apply for a six-month position where start dates are staggered, from April 1 to May 15, 2017.

Benefits: Qualified applicants who will require housing will have accommodations with paid utilities and $50 per week for living expenses.  Qualified applicants who do not require housing will receive a monthly stipend of $500.

To Apply:

E-mail the following documents:

Cover Letter addressing your interest in this particular position;

Resumé (work, education & volunteer experience);

Two (2) Professional (not family or personal) references; and

Completed Questionnaire, available at http://fellowmortals.org/internship/internquestionnaire/


NOTE: When this file is downloaded, it may have a “.zip” extension. You will need to change this to “.docx” before opening it in Word. We are looking into this, and apologize for the inconvenience!

(To send us these files, use the Internship Contact Form, located Here.)

Upon receipt of the information, qualified applicants will be contacted for an interview.


Aimee Sosenko, Lydia Goy & Alex Agahigian - 2012

Aimee Sosenko, Lydia Goy & Alex Agahigian – 2012

Since 1992, interns from all over the world have participated in Fellow Mortals’ internship program. Some have gone on to careers in wildlife rehabilitation, domestic animal care, veterinary medicine, zoo keeping, field biology, exotic animal care, environmental education and advocacy.

“I take every chance I can to praise Fellow Mortals. I can tell you that wildlife care differs with every hospital, but Fellow Mortals is one of those rare places that cares for wildlife the RIGHT way.” Dr. Avery Tomlinson, Veterinarian (Fellow Mortals Wildlife Hospital Intern, 2003, 2004)