FosterDuck2In 1989, Fellow Mortals helped to pioneer the concept of “Foster Parenting” the orphaned and immature wildlife in our care, working with Marlys Bulander of the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service who licensed us to keep an unreleasable Wood duck named “Corinne.”

Providing orphaned wild birds with a role model of their own species ensures they imprint properly, learning normal and natural vocalizations and behaviors which gives them a better chance of survival upon release.

39 Wild Birds have been saved from euthanasia and currently have a permanent home at Fellow Mortals, where they act as Foster Parents or Education Animals.  We make a life-long commitment to the care and feeding of these animals, many of which are with us for more than a decade.


Alberta and Owlets

Alberta is a 34-year old great horned owl, placed with Fellow Mortals by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service in 1994.  Alberta has raised close to 100 owlets as her own over the past 20 years.






Serena is a mature red-tailed hawk who came to us with a shoulder injury.  She provides comfort and companionship to orphaned and immature young.




Sophie & Shakespeare


Sophie & Shakespeare are barred owls.  Both suffered injuries which left them unable to fly.  The owlet shown (at right) was raised by them in 2013 and recovered from a fractured leg to be released.






Some of our other Foster & Education Animals:

Canada geese – Naomi, Hannah & Francis
Wood ducks – Dougie & BettyFosterDuck1
Screech owl – Robbie
Saw-whet owls – Katy & Scotty
Blue Jay – Thomasina
Short-eared owl – Amelia
Mallard ducks – Snow, Echo & Mama


We are grateful to the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service and The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, which allow licensed rehabilitators to keep unreleasable wildlife as Fosters or Education Animals.