Merganser Clinic

[img src=]23860Welcome to Fellow Mortals
[img src=]18850Entrance to the Admit Area
[img src=]17980
[img src=]17320Food Preparation Area
[img src=]17180
[img src=]16740Bunny Salads
[img src=]16500The Laundry does Double Duty
[img src=]16270Carolyn keeps our Office Organized!
[img src=]15770
[img src=]15240
[img src=]15560The Burrow is our secondary Food Prep area
[img src=]14790
[img src=]15620This is the Baby Squirrel room
[img src=]15270Feeding time
[img src=]15110
[img src=]15220
[img src=]14830Nap time
[img src=]13850
[img src=]13540Woodchucks sometimes visit the Drey
[img src=]13090
[img src=]12720Examination Room
[img src=]12290Medicine and instruments are kept here
[img src=]12230The center of activity at the hospital
[img src=]12450Initial examinations are done
[img src=]12060Baby Beaver
[img src=]12410Jessica and
[img src=]12350Yvonne with Mute Swan
[img src=]11650
[img src=]11240
[img src=]11880Facility Dedication Day
[img src=]11620Nighthawk
[img src=]11270
[img src=]11010Cardinal
[img src=]10590
[img src=]10810Great-horned Owl
[img src=]10510
[img src=]10450Bird Nursery
[img src=]10680Newly-hatched nestling
[img src=]10420Robin
[img src=]10320Bluejay
[img src=]10240
[img src=]10570
[img src=]10330
[img src=]10220
[img src=]10140
[img src=]9980Recovery
[img src=]10330
[img src=]10090
[img src=]10240The Warren
[img src=]10490Over 200 cottontails receive care and grow up here each year
[img src=]10610
[img src=]10550
[img src=]10360
[img src=]10400
[img src=]9920X-Ray Suite
[img src=]10240
[img src=]10520
[img src=]10560
[img src=]10730
[img src=]10550

Waterfowl Habitat