Do you know what to do if you find a Baby Bunny?

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Nest of Bunnies
Nest of Bunnies

I found a nest of Baby Bunnies. What should I do?
1) I found a nest of baby bunnies in my yard. They were covered with dry grass and fur. They’re moving around, and act like they’re hungry. What should I do?

a) Leave them in the nest and put the grass and fur back over them.
b) Try to give them a little warm milk.

2) I've never seen wild babies up close before. I want to tell my friends about the nest I found. What should I do?

a) The only way for the bunnies to be safe is to keep the nest a secret.
b) It won’t hurt anything to show the bunnies to your friends.

3) I accidentally touched the bunnies when I found them, and I’m worried that the mother won’t come back. What should I do?

a) Put some clean bedding in a shoebox and bring them inside, then call a rehabilitator.
b) Don’t disturb the bunnies again. Put three small twigs over the nest in a star pattern, and stay away from the nest until the next day, at the same time.

4) I haven’t gone near the nest, and I didn’t tell my friends about the bunnies. But I haven’t seen the mother rabbit. Why hasn’t she come back?

a) She will only come to feed the babies when she doesn’t see anyone watching.
b) She must be hurt, or afraid to come back.

5) I put some twigs on top of the nest and left the bunnies alone for a day. When I came back, the twigs had been moved. What should I do?

a) They’re trying to get out of the nest. Take them inside to keep them safe.
b) The mother must have come back to feed them during the night. Don’t disturb the bunnies.

I've been staying away from the nest, and I think the bunnies will be okay, now. But I still have some questions.

6) How long do bunnies stay in the nest before they start to explore without their mother?

a) About two weeks.
b) Three to four weeks.
b) A month or more.

7) How do I know if a bunny is old enough to be on it's own?

a) It's ears stand straight up, about an inch, and its eyes are wide open.
b) It runs away from you if you come too close.
c) It is about as big as the palm of your hand, but it looks like a grown-up rabbit, just smaller.
d) All of the above.

8) How can I tell if a bunny needs help?

a) The sticks you put on the nest look exactly the same the next day.
b) The bunny is bleeding, and it has flies landing on it.
c) The bunny is bigger, but it sits with its eyes closed when you get close to it.
d) "b" and "c".
e) "a" "b" and "c".

9) What should I do if I find a bunny (baby or adult) that has been injured?

a) Try to feed it something.
b) Leave it alone. It can take care of itself.
c) Take care of it and keep it for a pet.
d) Call a wildlife rehabilitator right away.

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