Do you know what to do if you find a Baby Bird?

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Fledgling Wrens
Fledgling Wrens

I found a Baby Bird. What should I do?
1) I found a baby bird lying in the grass. It doesn't have many feathers, and I can see the skin.

What should I do?

a) Warm the baby bird and return it to its nest.
b) Try to feed it and give it water.
c) Leave it where it is and watch to see if the parents come for it.

2) I made a “nest” for the baby bird. It is moving around in the nest, and keeps opening its mouth and “gaping” at me.

What should I do?

a) Return it to the nest that it fell from.
b) Try to feed it and give it a little water.

3) I touched the baby bird when I helped it. Is the mother going to refuse to feed it because I touched it?

a) The mother won't feed it. Take it back inside.
b) Don't worry. The mother or father will come back to care for the baby.

4) I put the baby back in the nest, up in the tree, and watched for an hour, but the parents haven't come back. Why haven't I seen them?

a) You didn't hide well enough, and they were afraid to come back because you were too close.
b) They must have flown away and abandoned the baby.

5) I've been hiding really well. Another hour has gone by, and the parents still haven't come back. What should I do?

a) Call a rehabilitator immediately. Baby birds will die if they go too long without care.
b) Go away and leave it. The baby will be okay.

6) The parents did come back to care for their babies. But about a week later, I saw one of them on the ground again. I can't see the skin, but it doesn't have any tail feathers. It just hops around and it can't fly.

What should I do?

a) Pick it up and take it inside to keep it warm.
b) Go inside and wait to see if the parents come to take care of it.

7) The baby bird is on the ground, and the parents are feeding it, but it still seems hungry. How can I help?

a) Just give it a little water, using an eyedropper.
b) If you can tell what the parents are feeding the baby, see if you can find more of the same to feed it.
c) Leave the baby alone. The parents will take care of it.

8) How long is a baby bird supposed to stay in the nest before it “fledges”?

a) A week or less.
b) Two to three weeks.
c) A month or more.

9) How often does a “nestling” bird get fed by its parents?

a) Every 15 minutes to half-hour, from dawn until dusk.
b) Every 3 to 4 hours, during the day.
c) Every 3 to 4 hours, day and night.
d) Twice a day, usually in the morning and again in the afternoon.

10) What should I do if I find a bird (baby or adult) that has been injured?

a) Try to feed it and give it water.
b) Leave it alone.
c) Get it to a wildlife rehabilitator immediately.
d) Take care of it and keep it as a pet.

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